Yesterday’s Classics Review

Do you love vintage children’s literature?  If you follow Ambleside Online, Heart of Dakota, Tapestry of Grace, or Living Books curriculum, then the answer is most likely affirmative.  Many of the books used in these curriculums can be found for free in the public domain.  However, if you have ever downloaded the free versions of these books then you know that the illustrations are generally left out and the table of contents can be a huge mess.

Yesterday’s Classics republishes quality children’s literature that was originally published between 1880 and 1920.  They have updated the print of these classics and have included the original illustrations (although some color illustrations have been converted to black and white).  All of their titles are available in EPUB, KINDLE, and paperback versions.

For this review, I received their e-book package that includes 225 titles from genres such as world history, nature, readers, fables, and several more.  I was able to easily download the EPUB files to my computer and transfer them to my iPad.  Looking through the books the only thing that I noticed while reading is a few formatting issues here and there (eg. a page with just a few lines of text at the top and the story continues on the next page).  The text is very clear and the illustrations are all there!  For less than $0.50/title, I think that this is a very worthwhile investment for anyone that loves vintage literature and doesn’t mind reading it in e-book format.

Through May 31, 2011 you can buy the package of 225 e-books for only $99.95.  Follow this link to see more information about this offer, including the list of titles and the ability to download a free title to see the quality of these e-books.

I received the package of 225 e-books for free for the purposes of this review; no further compensation was received for my honest opinion.


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