Sponge Absorbancy Lab

Well, things have been crazy at my house.  My grandfather passed away 2 weeks ago and my son finally got over his ear infections, but my daughter now has an ear infection.  2011 will forever be remembered as the year of ear infections in my family.

Here is the Sponge Absorbency Lab that I mentioned in an earlier post.  This is super simple to do and is a great introduction to the scientific method.  Briefly, this is a comparison of natural and synthetic sponges and their ability to absorb water.

I introduced the lab to my dd and I had her tell me her hypothesis.  We performed the lab in just a few minutes and then I had her tell me if her hypothesis was correct (it was not) and what conclusion we could make when it came to which sponge to use when cleaning the house. 

I did deviate a bit from the directions.  Instead of weighing the sponges before and after getting them weight and subtracting the difference, I used our bucket balance to make sure that the dry weight of our sponges (synthetic and natural) were essentially the same and then we compared which was heavier after they had absorbed water.  Also, we only looked at the absorbancy of regular water and not the soapy water.  We did two trials and I would have liked to do a third for statistical reasons, but my dh did not want to cut any more sponges. 🙂

Natural and synthetic sponge soaking up water.

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