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Science Weekly is a supplemental science newsletter aimed at grades K through 6th that I received a copy of all available levels to review.  On first glance this would be a great resource for putting together a quick unit study – the newsletter includes vocabulary words, math concepts, and science labs.  In the younger years, storytelling/writing prompts are also included.

I received the issue that addresses composting.  I was not very impressed with the comprehension passage that was on the first page for the younger levels.  As an example, the preK level reads:

“Leaves can go in compost.  Scraps can go in compost.  Plants can grow better with compost.”

It’s not until you reach level C that I feel that the passage is actually worth reading to a child.  At this level the questions of how and why to compost are addressed. 

The lab that is suggested is easily doable and pertinent and the other activities should be quick and fairly easy for older students to complete on their own.  Fortunately, teaching notes also accompany each newsletter and these provide background information on the topic, lead-in questions for lower levels, answers to all of the activities, and further resources to investigate.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the content of the upper levels, but I cannot recommend any level below C as I don’t feel that they are worth the price.  Topics that have been covered so far this year include the following: scuba diving, poisonous animals, caves, teeth, deserts, green buildings, and the moon.  If you would like to check out some samples for yourself, then please look here for their interactive samples and also here for their representative newsletter sample.

Price: 15 issues in a year for $19.95/student

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I received a free issue of Science Weekly in exchange for this review; no further compensation was received for my honest opinion.


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