Science Plans

Thus far I have simply thrown together a few things for my dd to do here and there.  We have snap circuits (great for young children imo), BFSU (done in an irregular fashion), some lessons that I made myself for whenever she asked questions about a particular topic, and lots of DVDs from the library.  I have always found myself waiting for my dd to start first grade so that we can take the classical approach to science that is laid out in TWTM (The Well Trained Mind). 

Yesterday it dawned on me that it is ridiculous for me to wait to start science in earnest with my dd.  We both love the subject and she is more than ready to take on the challenge.  I certainly didn’t wait until she turned the “right” age to start reading or math with her and I shouldn’t wait with science.

So, last night I placed an order with Home Science Tools and I think that we shall begin our first biology rotation when all of the supplies come in.


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