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KinderbachKinderbach is a program that is available both online and in a DVD format that teaches young children (ages 3-7) to play the piano.  I was given access to the online content and my dd was so excited to begin (she had actually been asking to learn to play the piano for several months).

There are six levels in this program with the seventh level to be released soon.  Within each level there are 10 weekly lessons and each weekly lesson is divided up into four sessions that last approximately 10-15 minutes each.  The lessons are mostly taught by the Kinderbach founder, named Karri, and she is a wonderfully upbeat teacher that should appeal to all children.  There are also many different “piano pals” that allow children to easily learn the names of the piano keys (eg. Dodi the donkey lives on the D key, Edward the Eagle lives on the E key, etc).

What is great about this program is that games and stories are the bulk of the lessons.  At first I thought that we would repeat any session that seemed difficult for my dd, but that proved to be unnecessary.  After working with the program for a few days it was clear that concepts are revisited often and presented in slightly different ways.  There are activities included with every lesson that should help every child find something that they love about this program.

My dd loves Kinderbach and still asks every day for her music class.  It may be important to introduce this program as music class, and not specifically piano lessons, since the first level has the children differentiating between high/low notes, working on basic rythms, and learning about the first piano pal – there is little time spent at the piano in the first level of lessons.  We found that doing all four weekly sessions in one day is quite doable for my dd and we are almost through the third level of lessons in less than two months.  However, we do not complete all of the activities that are suggested because I frankly feel that many are just busy work.

The online portion of their website seems to be rather stable and the only problem that we consistently had was that it was difficult to print the activity pages from the current week’s lesson page.  It is possible to download the entire activity book for each level and this is what we had to do.  Also, the sound on our computer had to be turned up completely for us to hear the lessons.  These are small complaints on an overall great program.

Take advantage of their 30 day free trial here.

Pros: very engaging and fun, easy to understand

Cons: moves very slowly, little time is spent at the piano in the beginning, some activities are unnecessary

Price: online lessons are $7.99/month, check their website for pricing of DVD bundles

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I received free online access to Kinderbach in order to write this review.  Nor further compensation was received in exchange for my honest opinion.


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