Invertebrate Study – Phylum Porifera

All About Water EcosystemsYesterday, my dd and I watched a film about water ecosystems – I love the Schlessinger Science Library videos (check your library).  We also painted a blue background on a large piece of butcher paper so that we may eventually add pictures of animals that are found in the marine water biome that we study.

Sponge Notebooking PageToday we began our study of invertebrates with the sponges.  I briefly reviewed with my dd the basic classification scheme of animals: we talked about living vs non-living, plants vs. animals, and finally, invertebrates vs. vertebrates.  I briefly described how sponges are filter feaders and then we looked at numerous pictures of sponges.  She dictated some answers to a Phylum Porifera notebooking page that I had made up and we found two pictures of sponges in the Feb. and April 2011 National Geographic issues.  Tomorrow, I plan on doing a quick experiment comparing natural and man-made sponges.


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