Go Go Kabongo Review

Go Go KabongoGo Go Kabongo is an online game that aims to improve children’s pre-reading skills (ages 4-7 recommended).  The pre-reading skills that are targeted include the following: attention and focus, working memory, processing, visualization, planning, and comprehension.  If you would like to read further about the skills that this game builds, then please head over to this page.

How this online world works is that there are 3 habitats for your child to choose from.  Within these habitats are different games that the child plays that work on different skills (here is a breakdown).  After completing the game your child is rewarded with decorations for their virtual treehouse.

This really sounded great, but it did not do well at my house.  My dd is a beginning reader and she found the letter recognition games dull.  She also disliked the pace of some of the games when things happened too quickly.  In addition, there were some games where it was not easy to figure out what one was supposed to do.  It is possible that this last problem will be remedied as this gaming experience is a Beta version.  However, this was one of the few websites that my dd asked if she could be finished playing and move onto something else.  To be fair, I was only able to get my dd on this site a handful of times and she did not get around to all of the games.

I think that this would be a great thing for children who are truly working on pre-reading skills that can handle the quick pace of some of the games.  Your child should also be able to work on the computer independently.  Fortunately, there is an opportunity to play before signing up for the paid version and currently you can get one full habitat for free!

Price: $4.95/habitat

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I received free access to the Go Go Kabongo website in exchange for this review; no further compensation was received for my honest opinion.


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