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All About SpellingWe have been using AAS Level 1 for about 2 weeks now and both my dd and I love it.  I have altered our phonics schedule so that we are now doing Phonics Pathways M,W,F and we do AAS on T,R.  I still throw in a few worksheets from Plaid Phonics every now and then, but I am seriously considering dropping that portion of our phonics instruction.

I have noticed a marked increase in my dd’s reading fluency.  However, maybe this is just a coincidence?  I really don’t know if there is a correlation there, but I do know that my dd is picking readers off of the shelf in the evening to read to herself.  Before AAS, I had her read two books with me before I began our read-aloud time and she was somewhat resistant to that plan. 

Today we were working on the short vowel sounds and she had already spelled about 10 words when I gave her the word “sad.”  She started breaking the word down into its sounds when she announced that she wanted to spell the word “snake” instead.  She then proceeded to spell “snak” and all I needed to do was remind her that she had to add a letter at the end so that the “a” would say it’s name (we are covering the long vowel sounds in PP).  Below is the picture of her finished word and the dinosaur that helped out during spelling time today.  So very proud of my dd.



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