52 books in 52 weeks – The Red Keep

Alas, I am doing rather poorly with this challenge.  I started the year off strong, but then faltered quite a bit.  I am happy to say that the TOG Year 2 literature list has saved me again and I have finished another book.

The Red Keep by Allen FrenchThe Red Keep: A Story of Burgundy in 1165 by Allen French is an easy historical literature book that is fun to read.  The story centers around a young squire and his desire to help an orphaned lady defeat a pair of robber barrons and return her family lands. 

This is a great story for both young women and men to read.  The hero is brave and helpful, while the lady is a strong character that is shown to be equally as brave and kind.  The two characters work together very well and there is a happy conclusion to the story.


2 thoughts on “52 books in 52 weeks – The Red Keep

  1. I am also taking this challenge. For the second yr. I love to read so it’s pretty easy for me to keep up and I also review fiction books which makes it easy to find books to read 🙂 I stopped by from the TOS Blog Walk and look forward to looking around your blog 🙂

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