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Song School Latin (SSL) is a latin language program aimed at grades K-3 from Classical Academic Press that I was lucky enough to review.  There are 31 chapters in the book and it is suggested that you do one chapter each week.  Fortunately, the CD that is included has all of the songs in both classical and ecclesiastical pronunciation so you can decide which is best for your family.

The student book contains the CD of songs that you will be listening to and the teacher’s edition contains all of the answers as well as some extra practice activities.  This is certainly not an immersion based program as most of the workbook is in English.

The vocabulary that is covered was definitely easy enough for my dd, especially since it is set to music.  However, many of the activities were a little beyond her capabilities at the moment.  Most of the material we completed orally, but it is generally expected that your child will be able to easily write for themselves.  The activities include the following: copywork, fill-in-the-blank, drawing pictures of vocab words, word searches, crossword puzzles, matching pictures to words, and simple translations.   Make sure that you check out the free resources page on the website, includong an online flashcard game for reviewing vocabulary as well as some coloring sheets.

Overall, my dd loved this program and it was very easy to use.  This is definitely a latin curriculum in which it is assumed that the teacher has no prior knowledge of latin.  Aside from the extra activities included in the back of the Teacher’s Edition, I would say that one could easily order just the student text.

Pros: most activities can be adapted to be done orally, all of the songs, classical and ecclesiastical pronunciations are available 

Cons: lots of writing

Price: student workbook and teacher’s edition are $22.95 each

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I received Song School Latin products for free in exchange for my honest opinion, no further compensation was provided for this review.


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  1. My girls loved the program too. I am going to buy another student book and do the whole thing this fall when they are a little older! The songs are catchy!

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