Singapore Earlybird versus Essential Math

A little bit ago I had posted some pictures and comparisons of Singapore Earlybird and Essential Math programs, but only for book A, the first half of each program.  Today, I have pictures to add for book B of each program.

As you will see below, the two programs are very similar and use very similar graphics to illustrate the topics.  Again, Singapore Earlybird is in color (left column) while the Essential math is presented in black and white (right column).  There are a few differences between the programs in the topics that are presented: Essential math includes introductions to fractions and odd/even numbers that are absent in Earlybird and Earlybird introduces coins (absent in Essential math).

Overall, I still enjoy Essential Math more, but I think that in the B books the differences in presentation are not quite as pronounced in the A books.  For example, there are not as many lessons that involve cutting out little pieces for your children to use, but Earlybird does rely on talking about pictures more than Essential does.  I plan on using the Earlybird books for extra review if my dd needs it.


6 thoughts on “Singapore Earlybird versus Essential Math

  1. I wish found your site a few days ago because I just bought Singapore math Earlybird text book A w/workbooks had I found your site I would have bought Singapore Essentials. But on a good note I can still used this information when it comes time buy Singapore Math book B. Thank you so much for posting the difference between the books

  2. Thank you so much for that post !! Initially I would have thought to go with the one in color but looking at the content, essential math is clearer to understand so I will go with that version instead !

    1. I did not use the teacher’s manuals, and I don’t think that you would need them for this program as the concepts are fairly straightforward. However, since I never purchased the manual I can’t tell you what I might have been missing. 🙂

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