FIAR – Mike Mulligan

Mike Mulligan

This week we are beginning a week (or two) of Mike Mulligan activities.

About the book:  Mike Mulligan and his Steam Engine is written by Virginia Lee Burton.  In this story, Mike Mulligan is the operator of a steam shovel named Mary Anne.  They are a great team together and have worked together to dig canals and railroad passes.  Unfortunately, steam engines are on their way out (being replaced with diesel models) and Mike is having a hard time finding work.  Mike and Mary Anne travel to a small country town and agree to dig the cellar for a new town hall in one day or else they won’t accept payment.  The whole town turns out to cheer them on and the ending is very sweet. 

Then and NowToday, we also looked through the Usbourne book Then and Now.  This book looks at the differences between our modern world and what would have been found in the early 1900s.  Pictures comparing the two time periods are shown including the following: household kitchens, (super)markets, transportation, farms.  It’s a great book to use as a jumping off point to discuss what conviences we have now and what people used to do before electricity and diesel engines.


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