All About Spelling Level 1

All About SpellingI have had All About Spelling (AAS) sitting on my shelf for a few months now, but I never *really* looked at it.  When it first arrived I put the magnets on the back of the letter tiles and that is about it.  Lately my dd has been spelling some simple words on her own so that she can pretend to be the teacher and I have to sound out the words for her that she has written down.

Yesterday, I actually picked up the teacher’s manual to look over the first few lessons and realized that we could easily start Level 1 now.  So, today was our first day doing AAS.

Hat spelled out on our magnetic white board.

The first 5 lessons we were able to essentially skip over since they laid the groundwork for segmenting words (the scope & sequence for AAS Level 1 can be found here).  Step 6 introduces segmenting words that contain the short A sound with letter tiles.  The first 10 words include: at, man, sat, am, an, ran, had, hat, gas, and map.

After our first lesson I can say that I love the fact that we can use letter tiles to spell words instead of writing words down.  While my dd does do some light copywork she can do much, much more by using and rearranging letter tiles.  I also really like that the lesson plans are laid out in steps – this is a mastery based program and you simply move on when your child can easily complete the step that you are working on.  In addition, I can see that this will be a great supplement to our phonics instruction and I am thinking about alternating days between phonics and spelling.  Most of all, I love the fact that my dd asked to do more spelling when we finished our 10 minute lesson. 

We shall see how it goes!


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