Weekly Round Up

Finally, the sun is beginning to peak through the clouds around here.  After some terrific thunderstorms in the middle of the night on Thursday that woke everyone up and some very dreary weather since, we were beginning to wonder what sunshine felt like.  Unfortunately, some rather blustery winds are forecasted for today and tomorrow, which means it is not good skydiving weather. 🙁

Kristi @ Clothesline Musings has made a wonderful group time board that incorporates telling time, pattern work, weather observation, money, and more for her little ones.  If you need some inspiration this weekend, then check out her post.

Dottie’s Homeschool Universe has some great ideas for a little Antarctica study. 

Jana @ Homeschooling a Texas Tornado found a 5 minute You Tube clip on socializing children.  If you have that amount of time to spare and you want a laugh, then check it out.


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