(Not) Being Prepared

Today is a beautiful day here.  Spring is clearly in the air, as evidenced by the yellowish-green film that is covering our patio furniture and cars.  We saw a ladybug this morning and we were so excited to see the blue birds earnestly checking out the bird houses in our backyard.  Today is the perfect day to take nature pictures…except for one thing.  My camera battery is dead and I don’t have a back up.

I wish that I could say that this is an anomaly and that our house is usually so very organized.  It’s not.  I love to plan things out, but I don’t enjoy living by the plan (if that makes any sense).  Unfortunately, that translates into dead batteries, not having the right art supplies on hand, missing an important dinner ingredient, and mostly having tons of well-laid out plans that are never quite followed.

Now that I am pondering this, I think that is why I never got along with the Sonlight Instructor’s Guide.  Things were just too well planned out and that bothered me quite a bit.   Actually, any program where things are too scripted and laid out is a program with which I do not get along. 

Although this is not a big problem for us now (my dd is young), I do see how this might become a rather large problem later.  So, if you have read this far, then can you please offer your insights on how to maintain the spontaneity in your life while still being adequately prepared to accomplish the tasks that are beckoning.  I would very much appreciate it.


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