Classification Lesson

A little while ago I posted a lesson plan for exploring classification or categorization.  My dd apparently really enjoyed sorting everything out and asked if we could do it again.  Of course I consented 🙂 and this time I remembered to take pictures.

sorting buttons
Buttons were sorted by color and then by size.

First, we sorted buttons.  I had a few buttons in my craft room and she decided to sort them based on color.  After she had sorted them by color I suggested that she sort them further based on size.

Then, we moved on to everyday household items.  I went through a few of our rooms and picked up some items from each.  I made sure to include items that could belong to more than one room (eg. a hanger could have been from my closet or hers) to make things a bit more difficult.  Once again, after the original sorting was finished, I asked her to create subcategories.  You can see in the picture on the far right that our “kitchen” category was further subdivided into “food” and “tools.”  We also talked about how and why categorization could make our life easier.

Items from around the houseKitchen items


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