Weekly Favorites

I thought that I would start doing something new on Friday.  I plan on highlighting a few of the other blog posts out there that I have found to be inspirational this week.  This will encourage me to keep up with my blog reading and I hope that you enjoy looking into some of these as well.

Satori Smiles – She found a great site with which to make Greek gods/goddesses flashcards for her dd.  Definitely something for me to think about a little later.

Melissa at Day In Day Out – Sometimes you need a new way to get back on track.  If things are not going the way you had planned talk it over with someone, and if someone comes to you with their woes, be a friend and listen. 

Sara at Headbanger Homeschool – These imitation pictures of her dd crack me up.  I think that doing this on purpose with your dc might be a great way to have more fun with historical figures.

Christy at Training Hearts at Home – A reminder about getting and keeping the priorities in your life in order.  Every once in a while I try to evaluate how I am doing in my main roles in life (wife, mother, daughter, friend, etc) and I try to see where I can improve.


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