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Looking for a fun language program for your young child?  If the idea of an immersion based program, similar to Rosetta Stone, but for children appeals to you, then you should definitely look at the Speekee program. 

This spanish language program is filmed in Spain with real spanish speaking children (and adults).  The program gets its name from one of the puppet characters and “host” of the show.  In the 10 episodes available, basic concepts such as colors, counting, articles of clothing, greetings, etc are covered.  However, we are a bilingual family and these basic concepts are covered in a way that is still very engaging for my dd.  

Speekee puppetEach episode is somewhat formulaic which makes it easy for children to anticipate what is going to happen next.  There are also many catchy songs that I found myself and my daughter singing at random times.  In fact, my dd says that she loves Speekee because of all of the songs and all of the different settings in the videos.  The online program allows you to turn closed captioning on or off (we kept it off) and there are worksheets that go along with the episodes if you want to include them.

Although there is a DVD version of this program available, it is in PAL format so you will need to check that your player can handle that.  However, the monthly subscription program is online and the qualtiy is wonderful.  There were a handful of times that I had problems bringing up the shows on my iPad, but there was never a problem with my PC.

Ready for the downside of this program?  There are only 10 episodes and there are no plans to add more any time soon.  So, if your child falls in love with the program, then it may be difficult to find a replacement once they have mastered the basics covered in Speekee.

Pros: immersion based, worksheets available if desired

Cons: only 10 episodes and there aren’t any plans for more any time soon

Price: $7.50/month for the online version (free 2 week trial)

I was given a free subscription to Speekee for the purposes of this review.  No other compensation was received for my honest opinion.


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  1. Thank you so much for your informative review of Speekee TV. I am delighted that it gets the thumbs up from a bilingual family, and I quite understand your comments about the need for a follow up of some kind. A Speekee 2 perhaps! It is obvious to me that we must provide a follow up for our customers. There will be one of some kind… working on it. Also currently involved with designing a year-long curriculum for homeschoolers, to complement Speekee TV. ¡Un abrazo para toda la familia desde España! Jim, the one in Speekee

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