Art Appreciation

For a very laid back approach to art appreciation I have been using the Childsize Masterpieces and I currently own the first three levels.  I love the cards, but I cannot say that I enjoy the work that goes into cutting them out and having them laminated (it takes me a little bit more than an hour to get all of that work done for one level of this program).  In the end though you end up with almost 40 postcard-sized prints per level.

Now the confusing part of the program is how they have labelled everything.  There are 3 levels (each a different book that is termed beginner, intermediate, and advanced).  In each level there are 3 steps and each card is labelled on the back as to which step it belongs to.  The first step has children matching two identical cards and there are about 4 sets of cards to match.  The second step has children matching cards from the same artist, but they are not the exact same picture.  The third step has children deciding which 4 artworks are from the same artist and one of the cards displays the artist’s name on the front.  There is also a companion book titled, “How to Use Childsize Masterpieces for Art Appreciation,” but I don’t believe that this is an essential reference. 

I like to do some sort of art appreciation activity on Friday each week.  Some weeks my dd wants to sort the cards and other weeks we simply choose a few cards that strike our fancy and talk about the pictures.  Here is a link for a great list of questions to ponder when doing your own picture study.

Childsize Masterpieces - level 1Childsize Masterpieces - level 3Childsize Masterpieces - level 2


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