Singapore Math for Kindergarten

I had posted before that we used 4 different math programs at our house.  It was not always this way though.  I began by thinking that Singapore was the best program and promptly ordered the Earlybird Standards edition for her.  However, after using it for a few days I was not very impressed and hence the other math programs slowly came into our home. 

After reading a few posts on The Well Trained Mind forums I wanted to see Singapore’s Essential Math.  On the SingaporeMath website, Essential math is billed as a supplementary program for Earlybird.  It follows the same sequence as Earlybird although the units have different names and Essential is in black and white while Earlybird is in color.  Essential includes units not found in Earlybird for odd/even numbers and fractions, but it lacks the money unit found in Earlybird.  Essential also includes little helpful tidbits on the bottom of the page for how to introduce the concept or how to go further with the concept.

We have only done a few pages of Essential math, but I can say that it is much better (so far) than Earlybird.  We have done every single page without a problem, whereas in Earlybird I found myself skipping pages that would not interest my dd or that required cutting out tiny scraps of paper.  Below I have taken pictures of both “A” books for a comparison.  Hope it helps someone else with this decision.


5 thoughts on “Singapore Math for Kindergarten

  1. Thank you for this! I couldn’t decide on what to do and kept going back and forth. We will give the Essential Math a try

  2. Thanks for posting this it was a big help in making our decision. From the sales websites you can not see the actual pages. I really appreciate you taking the time to post 🙂

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