Rockets and Space Plans

My dd has taken a sudden interest in space and (especially) rockets.  I find myself scrambling to put together a few weeks of study to satisfy her curiosity.  I think that we are going to touch upon the following topics:

  • rockets (Saturn V, Ariane V, and the reusable space shuttle)
    • parts of a rocket
  • landing on the moon
    • Apollo missions
  • the internation space station
    • living in space
  • stars
    • life cycle
    • types of stars
    • our sun – the closest star to us
  • solar system
    • 8 planets
    • asteroids
    • comets
  • galaxy

I am not sure how much detail we will cover when it comes to the other planets.  I want her to know how many planets there are in our solar system and that the number of moons that a planet has varies.  Other than that, her interest level will dictate how much we cover.

So far, I have bought 3 books to assist us in our studies.  DK Universe by Robert Dinwiddie will be useful for its amazing pictures and the DK First Space Encyclopedia will be our spine for this mini-study.  I also picked up The Stargazer’s Guide to the Galaxy by Q.L. Pearce (as a bargain book from Rainbow Resource) since it is mentioned in The Well Trained Mind, but I haven’t really looked at this book yet.


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