Review – Wits and Wagers Family Game

I received a game in time to review for Christmas!  Wits and Wagers Family edition is a game by North Star Games that allows the whole family (ages 8+) to partake in a trivia-type format.  However, don’t stop reading if your children are under the age of 8 beacuse my dd (Kindergardener) loved this game and we found ways for her to participate.

How the game is played:

Each player or team receives a set of colored people (one large and one small) and a dry erase type board for recording their answers on – dry erase pens included too.  A question card is chosen from the top of the deck and each player/team writes down their best guess for the answer on their little board.  All of the questions involve a numerical response, and for most of the questions you will probably not know the answer, so you will be writing down your “best guess.” 

Once everyone has written down their guess, then everyone places their board on the table so that everyone can see all of the possible answers. At this point each team places their big and little people (called Meeples) on the answers that they believe to be correct.  You don’t have to place your Meeples on your answer and you can separate your big and little pieces or place them together.  Depending upon who is the closest to the correct answer (found on the back of the question card) without going over, points are awarded to each player/team.  Keeping score simply involves coloring in circles on the scoreboard (also dry erase type) until a player/team reaches 15 points.

How we played with our young daughter: 

My dd wanted to be involved in the game so we always put her on a team, with either my husband or me.  She loved writing down the numbers for our guess and she was also in charge of keeping score for our family. 


This is a great party game that children and adults will love.  The trivia questions are such that they are appropriate for all ages and will be challenging for whomever is playing.  Unfortunately, this really is more fun as a party game.  If you are looking for a game to play on family game night and you do not have a large family to play with, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Pros: fun questions, easy to play format, dry erase boards

Cons: more fun as a party game – not so great as a small family game

Price: $19.99

I received a free Wits and Wagers Family edition game for the purpose of this review.  I have not received any other compensation for my opinion.


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