MCP Plaid Phonics

MCP Plaid Phonics Level AMy big box of goodies arrived yesterday from Rainbow Resource.  I was excited to see what the MCP Plaid Phonics Level A looked like and I was not disappointed.  My dd and I had tried the Explode the Code program earlier, but it was just not a good fit for us.  ETC is very repetitive and everything is in black and white.

MCP is in color and it appears to have a wide varitey of activities.  I don’t think that my dd will be as easily bored with this program and she was eager to complete the first few pages.  We still did not do all of the exercises on some of the pages since it was very basic review – the level A book begins with phonemic awareness (64 pages of this) before covering short vowels.

Since I had  such a difficult time finding preview samples of this book before buying, I thought that I would include several pictures of what is inside.  This is the 2003 edition of MCP Plaid Phonics Level A.

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