Fiar – Katy and the Big Snow

We finished up with Katy and the Big Snow this week.  I think that I prefer spreading the activities out over two weeks instead of trying to do a bunch in one week.  I suppose if this was the only curriculum that you were using then having everything done in one week is possible.  For us though, phonics and math instruction take place every day and I throw in a few fun extras here and there (and that is what FIAR is here).

I posted last time about making snowball cookies and today I have a picture of ours – they were delicious and luckily we were able to gift most of them to people at my dh’s office.  We also made our own little city out of stickers (some bought and some were made with my Cricut cartridges and Xyron) after reading/talking about important jobs in our community.  The book Things People Do by Anne Civardi is very good, but the pages are also very visually busy which I find can be distracting.

Overall, we had a very good time with this book and I am already thinking about which story to tackle next.


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  1. We loved this book. Fiar has a great selection of books and we liked most of them. So glad you decided to join in on 52 Books challenge. Happy Reading!

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