Drawing with Children – Lesson 1 continued

Although we *only* covered the five elements of shapes and did a few warm-up exercises (see last week’s post), we never got around to the heart of the lesson.

This week we began by reviewing the five elements of shape and then we went straight on to drawing birds. Since my dd is young she was having a difficult time drawing a bird small enough that would fit on the page (standard 8.5″ x 11″). I also had to help her draw the beak and I would show her on my drawing first where she needed to start and finish her lines. However, she did just about everything herself and my dh could easily recognize that she had drawn a bird.

I am also trying to learn how to draw since my artistic ability has (up to this point) consisted of stick figures. I never felt like I had any hope of drawing, but this book certainly has kindled a desire in me to learn how to draw. Although it looks a bit like a child’s drawing, my first attempt at a bird actually looks (somewhat) like a bird and I am very proud of the leaves on my twigs!


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