Art – Drawing with Children

I think that my dd is old enough now to slowly begin introducing drawing lessons.  I had picked up Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes  a while ago and from time to time I had my dd copy a few elements on paper to see how her fine motor skills were coming along.  About 2 weeks ago my dd was able to easily complete the level 1 drawings that are found on page 44.

Today, we started by talking about the five basic elements of shape (dot, circle, straight line, curved line, and angle).  Then, we made some scribbles using the two different width markers that I have available.  (I am still looking for some good broad tipped markers to buy.)   Following that, we looked around the house for some examples of the 5 basic elements of shape and we completed the abstract design warm-up.

At this point my dd was done.  I plan on beginning next week’s lesson with a matching warm-up (example on page 66) and then ending with the simple copying exercises on page 76.


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