My dd is doing fine with sounding out cvc words, but I am having a hard time getting here to read any books. As soon as we pull put a book she begins to guess the words based on the pictures. The BOB books are predictable enough that she can guess the story correctly by reading just a few words and guessing the rest by looking at the pictures. When I ask her to help me read a different book, such as The Cat in the Hat, she will read maybe two words that I point out to her and then balk. Even when left alone with the BOB books she still invents her own story. So, I am looking to try some worksheet based system for some extra practice. We had the Explode the Code book, but I sold it due to it being too repetitive. I am now thinking about MCP plaid phonics books, but I haven’t seen any sample pages yet. She also plays on the starfall website and we looked at Reading Eggs, but it was also too repetitive for her.


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