Next year’s plans

Today I have been thinking about what to do next year. Dd saw me typing up more of the BFSU plans and asked when she will get to do them. I told her that she had to at least wait until we get back from vacation. She countered with, “But, we can do it tomorrow, please.”.

My approach so far has been to let her do things when she asks to and this used to work great before my ds became mobile. I used to have the math items and the phonics items within her reach so that she could bring them to me whenever she felt like it. Now, however, we have to put things up higher since my son has reached the destroyer baby phase.

New developments: my dd is beginning to draw people, can read very simple sentences (eg. Ned has a dog), loves the puzzles in her Critical thinking book, and is trying to write most of her letters

What I think we should work on:
Phonics – every day for 10-15 min, using Phonics Pathways and I just ordered MCP Plaid Phonics
Handwriting – every day for 5 min, using the Peterson directed handwriting techniques
Math – whenever she asks for it…she loves MEP Reception and we also have RightStart A (love the geometry and the abacus). We have finished Singapore Earlybird and I am planning on adding some Miquon in for fun.
Spanish – I need to read more books to her in Spanish and I think that we are going to make dinner time into Spanish hour with all conversation being en espanol, we are also using La Pata Pita and Rod and Staff Nivel A for reading activities
Science – this happens every day…she asks questions and I answer and soon to add BFSU
Fun extras – wordly wise for vocab, critical thinking book for logic games, and child size art masterpieces for art study

I think that I may be able to combine phonics and handwriting. These past few days I have been writing out simple sentences for her and she has been copying them after she has read them to me.


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