Collectorz Review

Like any normal homeschooling family we have a ton of books.  I have books all over the house and sometimes I don’t even remember all of the books that we have.  I must admit that on one occasion I purchased a book that I already had in my collection.  *blush*  Now, I don’t think that I am alone here since there is a wonderful software program that has been created expressly to deal with your home library. 

It is quite easy to enter your books into the program.  I chose to input based on ISBN number, but you can also do so by author or title.  If your collection is absolutely huge, then it would probably be worth your while to buy a handheld scanner (prices begin at $19.95) so that you could simply scan all of your books into the system.

For me, the best part is that once you have entered your book, then the cover picture of your book shows up.  I love this feature because sometimes it is just easier to quickly scan my collection for a certain cover design.  However, you can (and should) also add categories to your books so that it is easier to sort them later.  Collectorz also allows you to search your inventory and print lists of your books.  (Click here to see a bunch of screen shots from the program)  Overall, this is a great program and I have had no problems using it.

Try it for yourself; there is a trial version that will let you input up to 100 books for free

Pros: simple to use, imports the cover picture of your books, easy to sort your books
Cons: adding categories for each book takes a small amount of time
Price: Standard version is $29.95 and the deluxe version is $49.95
Should I buy it? Yes, if you have a ton of books and need a way to keep track of them.

I received a free download of this program for the purpose of this review.  I have received no other compensation for my opinions.


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