BFSU Lesson Flow

This is our tentative schedule. I would like to keep most of the life science portion as an introduction to our first grade biology studies. If you have used BFSU before, I would love it if you could share any comments about which lessons should be done first or held off for later.

Categorization (A/B-1)
Living, Natural non-living, and human- made things (B-2)
Solids, liquids, and gases (A-2)
Air is a substance (A-3)
Concepts of energy (C-1)
Matter (A-4)
Gravity (D-1)
Day and night (D-2)
Time and Earth’s rotation (D-5)
Seasonal changes and Earth’s orbit (D-6)
Distinguishing materials (A-5)
Magnets and magnetic fields (A-5A)
Cardinal directions (D-3A)
Air pressure, vacuums, and Earth’s atmosphere (A-6)
Air is a mixture of gas (A-7)
Evaporation and condensation (A-8)
Dissolving, solutions, and crystallization (A-9)
Land forms (D-4)
Rocks and fossils (D-8)
Rocks, minerals, crystals, dirt, and soil (A-10)
Sound, vibrations, and energy (C-2)
Kinetic and potential energy (C-3)
Matter vs. Energy (C-4)
Inertia (C-5)
Friction (C-6)
Weightlesness in space (D-7)
Push pushes back (C-7)
Plants vs. Animals (B-3)
Identifying living things (B-4A)*
Life cycles (B-4)*
What is a species (B-4B)
Plant structure (B-10)
Seed germination (B-11)
Plants, water, and soil (B-12)
How animals move (B-6, B-7, B-8, and B-9)


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