Survival Training

I stumbled across a survival blog the other day and it really got me thinking about basic survival skills.  Now, this person is thinking about The End of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI), but the skills that a person needs to survive such an event made me realize that I would (probably) not survive.  I am clueless when it comes to navigation, I have no idea how to hunt or forage for food, and my first aid skills do not really go beyond dressing a burn or improvising a splint.

I once read about a family that really advocated wilderness training as a way to build confindence in both your children and family unit.  The author said that knowing that they can overcome almost any adversity in the wilderness translated well into real life skills, such as job interviews.  Anyhow, I thought about that a little bit when I read that book (of which I cannot remember the name) and I am thinking about it again as I peruse this survival blog.

I know that I want my children to be well trained in martial arts and I would like to join them.  I firmly believe that being able to confindently fight off an attacker is a necessary skill that we should have our children learn.  There are way too many cases of strange people doing absolutely bizarre things with children that make me cringe.

Wilderness skills I would like my dc to have:

– how to use a compass and basic land navigation
– identification of edible plants
– basic shelter building
– first aid
– fire arms knowledge

I am not sure how I feel about hunting skills.  Neither my dh nor I have any clue about hunting and I don’t really enjoy eating wild game.  Although I may like some that I just haven’t tried yet.


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