Putting Together a Nature Backpack

There have been several times that I have been out with my daughter on a nature walk and thought to myself that I wished I had ______ (collection tube, field guide, binoculars, camera, etc). So, after gathering some inspiration from the Acorn Naturalists catalog I put together a Nature Study backpack that we can take along with us on our outings.

Our backpack contents:
Nikon binoculars
Camera (our small point and shoot version – if we drop it and break it I will not cry on the spot)
Snap cap vials (for insects, water, sand, soil, rocks)
Ziploc bags
Field guides (insects, wildflowers, trees, birds) – depending on where we are going
Aquarium net – small and lightweight, yet helpful in catching interesting insects

I think that I may add a field flower press since my daughter seems to love plants.  Eventually, we will also add a sketchbook, but for now a camera is all that is needed. 


2 thoughts on “Putting Together a Nature Backpack

  1. We do this, too! Our field-packs usually contain a couple of field guides, pencils, our field journals (aka: nature journals), binoculars, magnifying glass, and the all-important snack and bottle of water. Mom carries her camera (individual cameras coming soon!).

    I like your addition of the vials and ziplock bags, and the net.

    One last thing I'd like to add to our bags is a ruler or tailor's tape.

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