Weekly Wrap Up

This week was a wash for us.  My ds (almost 10 months old) has his first major illness: double ear infections.  While he had a fever he just wanted me to hold him all day long.  Needless to say, little was done in our house.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t clued in to the ear infections until Wednesday…he had been running a fever since Sunday afternoon but showed no other symptoms at all, so my guess was that it was roseola.  Anyhow, Wednesday morning he had sneezed when my dh got him from his crib and a little bit of yellow goo came out of his nose.  So, I decided to take him to the doctor and that was when we found out that he had an infection in both ears.  My poor little one and a huge dose of mama guilt for me.

I was able to (finally) finish up The Aeneid.  I have to say that I really enjoyed this story and now I think that my ranking of the three epics will be this – The Odyssey, The Aeneid, and lastly The Iliad.  The Aeneid was almost like a happy medium between the other two since there are some battle scenes and some adventure.
Now, on to Plato’s Republic!

My dd is moving along with her phonics instruction.  She can generally blend cvc words without a problem, but she is not reliably quick about it.  I am off to search the WTM boards to see if I can discover when to move on – do we wait until she is reading cvc words almost effortlessly or do we just keep on going?  We are currently using Phonics Pathways and I do believe that I am enjoying this program more than the Oridinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading(OPGTR).  OPGTR is very scripted which I do not like at all (although I ignored this and just used the lists of words) and I did not like how quickly sight words were thrown in. Phonics Pathways has us blending lots of cvc words which is sometimes not so wonderful.  There have been several words that my dd did not know the meaning of, such as fop.  Overall, though, I am enjoying this method.


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