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I received several Schleich figures to review as part of the TOS Crew and I am not sure what to say about them.  If you have ever seen the figures that Schleich produces, then you know what I mean…they are perfect replications.  So, instead of talking about the figures themselves, I thought that I would talk about what you can do with them instead.

The first thing that comes to mind is free play for your children.  These are wonderful toys for children to act out stories that they have heard or invented.  Schleich even offers fantasy figures (eg. dragons, elves, smurfs!) that most children would love to play with.


The figures can also be used in your homeschooling studies.  I like to use them for geography studies when we are talking about what animals are found in the countries we are currently reading about.  In fact, I have recently been posting about a diorama that we made to go along with our Africa studies and some of the Schleich animals that we received (gnu and okapi ).  I also plan on using these figures during our science studies when we cover biomes and animal classification.

We haven’t started history yet, but they do have several lines for prehistoric animals, medeival times, and American Indians that could easily be incorporated into lesson plans.  Overall this is such a quality product that there really is not much to say about it that doesn’t sound overly glowing.  About the only negative thing that I have to say about Schleich is that they don’t make any invertebrate replicas.  I would love it if they would start crafting figures of dragonflies, spiders, coral, etc. so that I can have enough to cover the entire animal classification, but I suppose this will only be wishful thinking.

Where to find them: Target, Toys R Us, Amazon
Price:  around $3-5 per piece, but larger pieces will cost more of course
Should I buy them?  Yes, there really are many uses for these figures.

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I received 8 animal figures for free from Schleich for the purpose of this review.  I have not received any other compensation for my opinion.


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  1. My boys were fascinated by the exotic animals and immediately set to work finding out about them. WhaLa! Play and learning all combined, and they didn't even realize it was educational. =)

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