Geography – Nigeria

It took a bit longer than expected to work through Nigeria, but that had more to do with taking our trip to Chicago than the country.  šŸ™‚ 

General reference books:
Nigeria: The Culture by Anne Rosenberg – this is one in a series that is aimed at older children, but I find that it is very easy to summarize for littles and it has great info
Nigeria by Ann Heinrichs – very much for an older child and it is not easy to summarize, but if you are interested in learning more about Nigeria, yourself, then this is a quick read; there are a few good pictures
Nigeria by Bridget Giles (National Geographic) – aimed at older children, but this book has great pictures and has lots on the country’s geography and is easy to summarize

Bitter Bananas by Isaac Olaleye
Bikes for Rent by Isaac Olaleye

Colored the Nigerian flag
made a mask from cardboard – instructions in the Usborne Art Treasury
working on a diorama (pictures to come next week)
watched Africa: The Serengeti: IMAX – some animal kill scenes, this DVD would be better to include with the Kenya study, but it arrived here too late for that


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