When was the last time you thought about dioramas?  For me, I think that I can remember doing some sort of sea life diorama at some point in elementary school.  So, why am I bringing this up?

Well, I have had a few things come together that all seemed to point to making a diorama with my dd.  You may be aware that we have been reading about countries in Africa and that I am also a member of The Old Schoolhouse Crew.  I recently received some Schleich figures (review coming later) that could easily be used with our African studies.

Rather that having some loose animals around the house, I decided to corral them in a Sterilite bin.  A 16QT Sterlite bin to be exact.  That got started the wheels in my head spinning and I thought that, “wouldn’t it be great to have some scenery in this bin for the African animals?”  However, I do not enjoy putting forth extra effort for something that will not last and be used many times.  So, I started searching the internet and gathering ideas for a diorama that can be used for our geography studies now and our biomes study later.

The next post in this series will detail how we began with painting the scenery.


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