Dioramas – painting the scenery

I mentioned in the last post that I started with a 16QT Sterlite container, but I didn’t really elaborate on why.  I had thought about going with the normal cardboard box or shoebox, but I wanted something larger for our Schliech animals and something much sturdier.  Since I used a Sterlite container,  I can simply throw everything in the box, put the lid on top, and then put it in the closet and out of the way when my dd finishes playing with it for the day.

First thing that I did was to paint a background.  I had thought about just gluing paper to the sides of the box, but then that is not very durable.  I decided to paint green on the bottom (for grass) and blue on the top.  All I had available at the time that I had the bright idea to create a diorama was poster paint.  I ended up putting two coats of paint for each color and I really like the effect.  It’s not too dark that you can no longer see through the box, but it is enough color for my tastes.  However, while I was doing this I thought about those  spray paints that you can get at the hardware store that are formulated for plastics…that might be a better alternative.  For now, I am happy with what we have, but it remains to be seen how durable the poster paint will be.

I also looked at a few pictures to get an idea of what other scenery I would like to paint or glue on to the sides of our diorama, but that will wait until the next post. 🙂


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