How many toys are enough?

Today my dd bit my ds on the finger (rather hard), simply because he was in her room.  Now, usually, my dd is inviting her little brother into her room to play so I am not sure what happened to cause her to bite him.  The only thing that seems to get through to my dd, aside from positive reinforcement, is to take her possessions away.  Since she caused some serious pain, we took all of her books, all of her cars and trains, and just about everything else.  I left 6 toys: the magnetic pattern blocks, wood blocks, some animal figures, the marble run, the toy guitar, and the bilibo.  Her room looks rather bare.

This got me to thinking about how many toys is enough.  This is a question that I have always wondered about, but I have never found an answer to it.  I have been reading minimalist blogs on and off for a while and found one where the author is minimalist with children.  I know that my dd has more toys than she needs, yet I keep buying things that I think will challenge her or things that I remember loving when I was younger.  I do have to say that our family has the least amount of toys in our circle of friends and I think that is one of the reasons that I feel its okay to keep buying toys. I definitely need to change my mindset here. 

I really just wish that someone somewhere could tell me how many toys a child needs today.  I need an actual number.  So, if anyone can tell me how many toys a 4 year old child needs, then please let me know.  Also, provide a number for books please.  We definitely have too many books.  In english and spanish. 🙂


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