Homeschool is NOT for sale

A wonderful little post over at Homeschool Musings that makes me smile and made me think.

I have not really received any comments on my homeschooling yet simply because I don’t mention it.  My dd is still quite young and my ds is not even 1 yet.  However, I do get comments from others about my dd not attending preschool which I find amusing.  When my dd was very little just about everyone would praise my decision to be a stay at home mother, including random people like the UPS driver and the grocery store checkout lady.  However, when my dd reached the age of 2, those same people started asking when she would be going to school.

Age 2???  I was able to easily laugh at those suggestions and say that she was only 2 and that we hadn’t even thought about school yet.  They would then ask when I was going back to work and if I missed working.  Um, no, I don’t miss working.  Even though I received my Ph.D. I don’t like to work…never have.   I enjoy science, I enjoy sharing my love for science, I love research, but I have never enjoyed dealing with all the grant applications and politicking that goes along with it.  So, I am retired.  This generally gets a small chuckle from some people.  For whatever reason, I don’t feel that the title homemaker adequately describes me…retired is better. 

Anyhow, when my dd turned 3 even more people started questioning when and where she would be going to school.  That is when I started telling people that she wouldn’t be going to school any time soon simply because we travel quite a bit (that is true).  There is no reason for me to pay $5-10k per year for private school when she would miss about 1/3 of the year due to our travel (my dh refuses to think about public school).

Really though, I can’t imagine being separated from my dd for a good chunk of her day.  I can’t imagine going on vaction without my dd.  I can’t imagine spending the night somewhere away from my dd.  The most my dh and I have ever done is go out for a movie or a dinner by ourselves, but even that seems strange.  I certainly understand needing some alone time every now and then, but I don’t understand those people that make comments about looking forward to school starting again.  But, then again, I hate getting up early in the morning and I absolutely loathe having to rush about to get somewhere on time.


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