Geography – South Africa

Here is the wrap-up for South Africa.

Books we used:
South Africa by Ann Heinrichs
South Africa by Michael Dahl
Welcome to South Africa by Patrick Ryan
Jafta by Hugh Lewin (part of a series)

Putumayo Kids presents African dreamland

We watched a video that had short clips from most of the African countries, but it was pretty terrible.  I had a hard time paying attention to the S. Africa clip and it was only 5 minutes long!  Unfortunately, I have already returned the DVD to the library and I don’t remember the title.

We created masks that are similar to the ones in The Usborne Art Treasury and cut out the clothes for our paper dolls.  We shall do out best tomorrow with the recipe tomorrow for coconut ice.  We also colored the flag for South Africa and talked about the animals that are found there and the weather.


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