Geography Folders

I wanted to show what we have been doing for our geography studies and I hope that you will excuse the quality of the pictures since they were taken with my iPhone.  On a side note, our real cameras are packed in our suitcases because we are headed to Chicago today!  Ahhhh, vacation.

Back to our geography folders.  I decided to make a file folder for each country that we have looked at. I also have a hanging file folder for each continent so that we can put the country folders into the big continent folder for storage purposes.  On the outside of the file folder we put the country’s flag that we have colored (I usually get the coloring page from enchanted learning).

On the inside of the folder, I generally put any interesting animals that we have read about.  Sometimes, this is a printout of the animal from the enchanted learning website while other times we have cut out pictures from my dd’s magazines (the issues of Your Big Backyard from the National Wildlife Federation have had several pictures featuring African wildlife).  We also put in items that relate to the food that is eaten in that country, the average temperatures throughout the year, and where on the continent the country is located.  All of these templates come from the geography section on the GuestHollow website.

Lastly, I like to include a memento from whatever activity that we have done.  For Kenya, I slipped in the bead necklaces that we made.   I included a picture that I took of the coconut ice that we made for South Africa.  We are planning on making masks for Nigeria and those will go into the Nigeria folder.  Also, for each country we have been using paper dolls to look at the traditional clothing that is worn and I have put these inside a ziploc bag that goes into the folder.

And, that pretty much sums up what we do for geography. 


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