Weekly Wrap Up

This week has not been the best for us.  I had started going back to the gym last week, intent on following the couch to 5k training program, but exactly one week later everyone in the house is sick.  Of course, it is from dropping my dc off at the child care center at the gym.  This happens every.single.time.  Ugh.  I suppose it is good for their immune systems though.

Anyhow, this week my dd and I have been talking about patterns and parallel lines for our math topics.  She refers to parallel lines as train tracks and I decided not to point out that sometimes railroad tracks cross over one another.  She absolutely adores her geoboard and I have a feeling that rubberbands will soon be found all over the house.  Not so good since my ds is teething (2 new teeth in less than 2 weeks) and is looking in desperation for anything to chew on.

A while ago I had been cleaning up the house and had put the Wordly Wise materials in our guest bedroon.  My dd found them the other day and has been wanting to use them for story time several times now.  I have to say that she has definitely retained alot from this program and thinks of it as an interactive story time.  If you are thinking about using this, then don’t wait to start.  IMO, the K level includes very basic words.

Our phonics practice is chugging along.  Every day she asks to do her reading.  Right now I let her choose what color marker to use and how many words she would like (she generally chooses between 3-5).  I write some cvc words on the board after I have flipped through a few lessons of OPGTR for inspiration.  Some words she now reads in just a few seconds, while other words she will sound out and then guess at them, usually coming up with a word that rhymes with the word that I have written.

Lots of general geography read alouds this week, but I have already mentioned that in another post.  We also went back to the natural history museum yesterday for some fun times in the Butterfly Rainforest.  If you are ever near the University of Florida, then you must come to check this place out.

I think that I will soon pull out our Rod and Staff spanish books and begin working on increased vocabulary and letter sounds en espanol.  I was hoping to teach reading in spanish first, but it just hasn’t happened.


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