Weekly wrap up

My baby is in the middle of teething…5 teeth in less than 1 month. When will the craziness end?

We covered art rather well this week. We did a Kandinsky inspired project from the Usbourne Art Treasury book and today we went through a set of Childsize Masterpiece cards.

Our science included playing with magnets, looking at capillary action (food dye spots on paper strips that are in water), and reading about grasshoppers and crickets.

Phonics instruction was not so great this week. A few days we just plain forgot to do it and one day my dd just wasn’t that attentive. We did finish another “lesson” from our Wordly Wise book.

In the area of geography, my dd chose to start with Africa. We found a few books on Kenya at the library so that will be our first country. More on that next week.

The biggest accomplishment has been my return to the gym. I went twice this week and next week I hope to go 3 times. I have now completed 5 couch to 5k workouts, although I am taking longer than their training schedule lists. I do need to buy new shoes as my ankles are hurting this week.


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