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Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others

This e-book from The Old Schoolhouse contains an idea that is familiar to most people – when you are in the car for long periods of time then you should bring along new things for your children that will help to entertain them. Some people will wrap these items so that their dc can then open little presents during the trip. Other people will hand out these items at particular points during the trip, such as every 2 hours, after crossing a state line, or after seeing a purple polka dot truck. Then, there are a few that will combine all of these methods. If that sounds like your style, then you will enjoy this downloadable.

E-books are very simple to download and there can be great satisfication with being able to “get your hands” on the product instantly.  This e-book contains 14 chapters (93 pages long) and covers the basics of travel kits (who, what, when, where, why, etc), the planning involved, presentation and distribution, and many ideas for gifts to include for your (or your dear friend with 3 children in a super small vehicle) next car travel.

I have to say that I was very interested in this product when I received the download link for it. My dh and I drive with our dc every weekend about 2.5 hours round trip to get to our skydiving center. I am also thinking about making longer drives (approximately 13 hours) to visit my parents once I have to start buying my ds his own plane ticket in a few months. Having a way to pass the time comfortably with everyone in the car seems like a great idea.

The author touts these travel kits as being great for everything (20 minute car rides to trips that are several days long) and I was ready to make one up for the next weekend’s travel.  Then, I started thinking about it a little more. My dd is one that will start to expect these little presents every time we get into the car if I start using these ideas for the short trips. She is also one that remembers all of the things that she has and I will never be able to get rid of the cheap dollar items that I would buy for her. Not to mention that I don’t even like cheap dollar store items. Yes, some things can be funny (like those crazy mustache glasses), but then I feel terrible when I throw away items that are used for just a few laughs.

After reading the material I found some things that I disagree with. First, the author can be quite sexist in her lists of things that children would like to receive. In chapter 3 it is stated that boys will love to put together models or receive wooden toys.  Girls “love anything pretty and new, especially if it’s something that they can wear.” Well, my dd has not let me put anything in her hair to this day and since before she was 2 years old, her favorite toy was matchbox cars. Apparently, girls are also more likely to enjoy unwrapping the items that you have brought along for them.

Chapters 4 and 5 deal with how to present and distribute the gifts that you have brought along.  Choices abound here: whether or not to wrap, what type of container should be sufficient, space considerations, and how to identify the gifts for each recipient.

The end of this e-book contains some snack recipes, book lists, and tips from fellow car travelers.  There does not appear to be anything out of the ordinary here (ie. remember to bring plenty of snacks and ziploc bags).  Many pages are taken up with pictures so if you are a very visual person, then you will be delighted.  However, if you are already a travel pro and have put together such things for your dc in the past, then you may be disappointed with this purchase.

Price: $12.45
Pros: There are ideas for all age ranges, including adults.  Ample photos help to get your creative juices flowing.
Cons: Not much new for the person who already knows about packing new things for their children when going out on a trip.  Sexist views included.
Who should buy this:  If you have never taken a long trip before, then you may be interested in this e-book.  There are some good suggestions in here that may help you pass the time more comfortably in the car.  Or, this would be a great gift for a traveling family to give to a grandparent that has plenty of time to pull items together for you.
Would I buy this?: No, but then again, we travel alot.

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Disclaimer: I was given a free download of this product as a member of the TOS Crew for the purpose of this review.  No other compensation was received.


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  1. I enjoyed your honest and balanced review. I haven't used this for children yet, and I will keep some of your ideas in mind when I do. I have done a "box of blessings", and a kit for friends on a road trip, both were fun to put together.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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