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The Schoolhouse Planner – Travel the World! (June 2010 Module)

I was quite happy to download this product since we have started doing some basic geography in my house.  I flipped through the pages of this module to familiarize myself with the offerings and I have to say that the real meat of this product is in the first 9 pages (56 pages total). 

There is an introduction to geography, which older children could certainly read to themselves, but it is a bit dense for the younger crowd.  I simply paraphrased the information that my dd could handle.  The oceans are then quickly touched upon before the seven continents are covered.  Each continent receives a small blurb with several links embedded in each paragraph.  Some of these links lead you to dictionary definitions while others lead you to more informational sites and online geography games.

There are several pages for worksheets such as word scrambles, crossword puzzles, and word searches (answers included at the end).  For me, this is actually a negative.  I personally think that these things are simply busy work.  Coloring pages are also included: there is a page for the world map and then each continent receives its own page.  Following these pages there are then several pages of both manuscipt and cursive copywork.  There are also directions on how to create a mini lapbook (which we happily did).

Towards the end of this module there is a high school expansion section that contains a few more activities.  Looking through these, I think that many of the suggestions could also be suitable for middle schoolers depending on the level of work that they can handle.  Following that, there are 2 recipes: chicken in a pot and greek stew.  A list of internet links for more travel resources and then the final 8 pages contain the answers to all of the worksheets, a list of TOS resources, and advertisement for TOS magazine.

Price: $7.95

Overall: If you are looking for a one week geography resource, then this may fit the bill. There are plenty of worksheets for the younger crowd and some more in-depth activity ideas for older children.

Pros: You don’t have to pull this stuff together on your own – most parts can be handed off to an independent reader to complete on their own.  An easy to do lapbook is included and this module can be used for almost all ages.

Cons: Short on content without clicking on an insane number of embedded links.  This would most certainly have to be heavily supplemented for an extended geography course.  Only 2 recipes to try out and it is not even clear where the recipe for chicken in a pot originates from.

Would I buy it?  No, not at its regular price.

(Disclaimer: I recieved a free download of this product for the purpose of this review.  I have not received any other compensation for my opinion.)


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  1. Hello from a fellow TOS crew member. I'm spending a little time checking out some of the the other reviews. Great job!

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