Needing vacation inspiration (2 young children)

We are trying to decide where to go for our family vacation. Originally, I had planned on going to see Niagara Falls and Toronto. However, I must have waited too long to purchase our plane tickets because prices are now double.

The good news is that my dh just found out that he will have to go to Chicago on business during the time that I had thought of taking our trip. So, i am happy that i did not buy any non-refundable plane tickets. We are looking at getting away during Labor Day weekend. But, the question is now, where are we going?

We could meet my dh in Chicago, but we have also thought about New York City and Boston. All of these destinations are relatively cheap to fly to for us. NYC has Lady Liberty, Central Park, and a few other goodies. Boston has a good aquarium and science museum, but I think it would be best to visit when our children can appreciate the historical aspect of the city. Chicago has a nice science museum, zoo, and I am not really sure what else.

I need to decide by the end of July. Looking for inspiration.

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