I have just been thinking about our math routine (or lack thereof) since the geoboard and bucket balance that I ordered in the mail arrived today. We use 3 math programs: Rightstart, MEP, and Singapore Earlybird. Eventually, I will add in Miquon when my dd becomes more interested in the Cuisenaire rods.

I have to say that I like Singapore Earlybird the least since it is more of a workbook approach. However, every weekend I fill up a folder of little things for my dd to do whenever the mood strikes her. These little things include cutting scraps of paper, tracing letters that I have written for her with a highlighter, reading CVC words for herself, and math worksheets from the Earlybird series. She always seems to take out the math worksheets first – maybe it is just because she likes math the most or maybe she just loves the colors…who knows.

I like Rightstart the most, but I don’t love the scripted aspect of it. I tend to read about 5 lessons ahead and then I am on the lookout for when I can gradually introduce the concepts. We never really sit down and “do” math.

We just started with MEP since I was waiting to receive the prints that go along with the lesson plans from an online printer that I used. So far, it seems fairly easy, but we have only done about 7 lessons.

I am not sure if I should consciously try to rotate our math resources or if what I am doing is just fine.


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