Geography – Kenya

This week we finished up our (virtual) trip to Kenya. We started by reading several books about the African continent and then we read a few books specific to Kenya. We also put together a little lapbook about Kenya that included info such as food that they eat, their flag, animals that live there, and climate. I found some paper dolls from Dover that I cut out and my dd had several choices in outfits for both a boy and a girl. We had a tea party (since tea and coffee are huge exports for Kenya) and we finished up by putting a stamp in our passport. Overall, it was a good little study and I learned some new things; Kenya also exports a lot of green beans to Europe!

Here were some helpful resources for us:
lapbook materials and passport printouts
Afican animal printouts
Your Big Backyard
Dover paper dolls

Africa by Peter Davidson
Africa by Yvonne Ayo
The Animal Atlas by Daniela De Luca
Welcome to Kenya by Patrick Ryan
Kenya in Colors by Sara Louise Kras


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