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History: The Definitive Visual Guide (From The Dawn of Civilization To The Present Day)So, I stopped in at Borders the other day and I just about had to stop myself from falling over.  They currently have the DK Animal, DK History, DK Earth, and Smithsonian Handbooks on the bargain tables.  Now, thes books all seem to have different covers than what is shown at Amazon, but it appears to be the exact same content.  On top of that, I keep getting 30-40% off coupons from the Borders rewards program every few days.  It is a pain having to go into that store repeatedly with new coupons (and only buying the book that I am looking for), but I have some amazing books now for very little money.  The DK Definitive Visual History book came out to be about $10 and the Insects book for $4.

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