Beginning Geography

Galloping the Globe: Geography Unit Study for Young LearnersWell, we have decided to take a break from our Letter of the Week reading and are beginning to focus on geography.  Our family travels quite a bit to visit family (my dh is from Colombia) and my dd’s best friend is currently in Israel.  This summer my dd has been asking more and more about maps, the Earth, and globes.  I have a copy of Galloping the Globe (GTG) that I was planning on using, but hadn’t really looked at yet.

So, I located GTG and flipped through it.  To my dismay, there are quite a few pages dedicated to worksheets (ie. mazes, crossword puzzles, word searches).  My dd is too young for such things and I consider them to be busywork myself.  However, this book does contain rather extensive booklists.  I reserved some books from our local library that pertain to general geography.  Here are the books that we are currently working through:

Maps and Globes by Jack Knowlton – love this book so much that I will buy it.  Unfortunately, they misspelled Colombia and Bogota on one of the maps (Columbia and Bogata), which we of course caught.
Continents by Dennis Fradin
Globes by Paul Sipiera
The Atlantic Ocean by Susan Heinrichs Gray
The Indian Ocean by Susan Heinrichs Gray
The Pacific Ocean by Susan Heinrichs Gray

I immediately returned Globes (P. Sipiera) because it was just way too much for my dd, but there is alot of good information in there for an older child.  The other books (excepting Maps and Globes) are just sort of ho hum type of books.  We will probably just look at the pictures and then I will paraphrase any interesting points for my dd. 

Next week we are going to try the papier mache globe.


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